UGSOA Local 223

Serving Security Professionals in Northern California Since 2004

United we bargain, divided we beg

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About Us



Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to local 223 United Government Security Officers of America.

Local 223 started in 2004, feeling that security officers needed better representation. Too many Companies and Unions felt we were guards as opposed to highly trained security officers. We joined UGSOA to allow representation of contract security. We continue to concentrate our efforts in the government security and we want to represent you. We serve the security professional from the Oregon Border, East to the Nevada Border, Sacramento to Modesto

UGSOA Local 223 is committed to ensuring that our members receive fair treatment, job security, competitive wages, adequate health care coverage and dignity and respect in the workplace. We know and understand the difficulties that security officers face on a day-to-day basis because our Local’s President, Vice President, Secretary as well as our Chief Stewards; shop stewards have worked in the security field for many years.

UGSOA will never waiver from the original, personal commitment that our Union was founded on.


Eddie Smith, President

UGSOA local 223