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Serving Security Professionals in Northern and Central California Since 2004

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Electronic Pay Stub Information and How To Setup Your Account 

                    Internet Access Follow The Instructions Below

How to access ePay


Log into your account: (a) Enter your Social Security Number (b) Enter your default PIN-Your 6-digit Date of Birth (MMDDYY)

(c) Click on "enroll now" to setup a security image and answer six security questions to use for verifying your identity (d) Change your PIN when prompted-Must be 8 to 16 digits in lenght and contain only numbers  (3) Select a option (a) Paystub Review (b) Income Verification (c) Personal Information

                   Phone Access  Call 866-604-3729

Login to your account:

a. Enter your Social Security Number

b. Enter your default pin - your 6 digit Date of Birth (MMDDYR)

c. Change your PIN when prompted - must be 8 to 16 digits in length and contains only numbers

Select an option:

a. To review your pay stubs or Request a Fax      Press 1

b. To check the status of a Fax request               Press 3

c. To change your PIN                                       Press 5

d. To repeat the menu                                       Press #

e. To end the call                                              Press *

f. To speak to a client service representative        Press 0